The Language of Real Estate

One of the most frequent comments we hear from new real estate students is they feel like they are learning a new language.  This can feel overwhelming at first.  Our instructors know how to explain difficult concepts in a way that you will understand, know how to apply, and even enjoy!  Our culture of inspiration, energy and passion is infused in our real estate classes.  We know that high-quality training begins with high-quality trainers.  They have significant experience in all facets of real estate, sales and adult education.

Our instructors are professionally trained speakers and educators who know the material inside and out.  They can answer your questions as it pertains to the state exam and to real life.  Based in Arizona, we know the real estate exam is not easy.  We arm you with the vital information you need to pass the state exam the first time and get your career off to the right start.  From learning vocabulary to communicating important information, we guide you in learning the language of real estate and exploring the many opportunities that await you as you become fluent in this global language with unlimited potential.

Sharon first completed real estate school in 1980 – immediately after turning 18! She became aware of her deep passion for teaching while facilitating Franklin Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” program to new employees of a large New Home builder. Sharon specifically loves teaching material that brings a better life to her students and believes strongly that education in real estate will do just that.

Having experienced success and happiness in many facets of the real estate industry – from New Homes and Resale to Property Management and Building a Brokerage – Sharon believes her experience has culminated in having the privilege of teaching for what she calls the “ultimate school of opportunity” because at Real Estate Career Consultants we not only help students embark on the exciting career of Real Estate by truly teaching them what they need to pass their exams and obtain their license, we also take the time to explain the many options for growth and prosperity in the industry.

Sharon understands the quality of life real estate brings to herself and her family. Sharon says, “To me, sharing my knowledge of real estate at this time of my life to to help others find happiness in theirs, creates the ultimate opportunity.” From passing their exams to closing their first sale, Sharon finds joy in celebrating the successes of her students throughout their lives.

Sharon holds the Gold Standard Instructor Designation from the National Real Estate Education Association and is active as a real estate Broker and Educator in Arizona, Colorado and Hawaii.

Sharon Carstens

Ed Szubra - photo (Small)

Edward “Chicago Ed” Szubra

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Ed has a background of corporate business management, entrepreneurial small business development and ownership. Licensed in Illinois in 2001, Ed cut his teeth in commercial real estate specializing in investment property ownership, 1031 Starker exchanges, and condominium conversions. Ed became a Managing Broker in 2004 and established a sole proprietor brokerage, branching out into all aspects of residential real estate.

In 2015 Ed moved to Arizona to help care for his father with dementia. Since Arizona was not reciprocal in licensing at that time, he went back to class and became a designated broker. In that process, the school asked him to become an instructor and Ed teaches basic, broker, and all continuing education required by the State.

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